Circular No.:15/2013, Dated -12.09.2013 , Verification of Enrollment of schools by Surprise inspection reg.

Circular No.:14/2013, Dated -29.8.2013 , Development of Website by each school –reg .

Circular No.:13/2013, Dated -21.8.2013 ,Amendment/Addition in Affiliation Bye –Laws of the Board – req .

Circular No.:12/2013, Dated -07.8.2013 ,Training Programme for the Heads of institutions of Effective School management and Leadership .

Circular No.:11/2013, Dated -2.8.2013 , Amendment/Addition In Affiliation Bye-Laws Of The Board-reg.

Circular No.:10/2013, Dated -8.7.2013 ,CBSE Waives off requirement of NOC .

Circular No.:09/2013, Dated -19th June 2013 , Sale of AIDS awareness stamps in CBSE schools for resource mobilization to rehabilitate child victims of HIV-reg.

Circular No.:08/2013, Dated -17th June,2013 , Development of Website by each school-reg .

Circular No.:07/2013, Dated -18th Feb,2013 , Amendment /Addition in the Affiliation Bay- Laws of the Board-reg.

Circular No.:06/2013, Dated -22th Jan 2013 , Grant of Extension of Provisional Affiliation and Grant of Up gradation from Secondary to Senior Secondary in Respect of Already Affiliated School Submission Self Declaration / Certification-Regarding .

Circular No.:05/2012, Dated -8th June,2012 , Modified Point No. 5, under ‘Physical Facilities’ at serial no. 8 of Chapter II of Affiliation Bye-laws-.

Circular No.:04/2012, Dated -18th April 2012 , Advisory on Implementation of Section 31 and 32 of the Right of Children to free and Compulsory Education (RTE) Act ,2009 .

Circular No.:03/2012, Dated -13th March,2012 , Protection of Children from Sexual offences Act, 2012 (32 of 2012).

Circular No.:02/2011, Dated -21th Feb 2011 ,Adherence of Rules of Affiliation Bye-Laws in establishing and running of Educational Institutions.

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